400x400SweetieSweetie Berry with her team of creatives cultivate projects that empower people. As the name implies, we simply serve our clients through presence, persistence, and precision in marketing and web development. Our offerings include strategic blueprinting and  outsourced resource services for the entrepreneur and small business.  Sweetie, a lead strategist for social media platforms, works with authors, speakers, and brands to amplify their messages and to create and develop strong communities that engage actively online and off.

What are the next steps to grow your business? How does your online presence and copy affect your bottom line?  Your web presence through a website and social content is the client connection point. What are you saying? What are they hearing? Are you ready to educate your clients of  your goods and services to  support their needs? In today’s real time media offerings, its more important than ever to have a home for your business on the internet. She’s So There is committed to helping owners create a home for their business through social media and websites that support the success of their businesses.
She’s So There offers services and skills to grow your business. We believe in small and family owned businesses and seek to provide strategies for the messy parts of brilliance. Whether you need assistance with a website, social media, business strategy, or seek to learn the skills to support online growth, She’s So There is here for you. our clients range from beginning businesses to national campaigns with global brands.